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APANA is committed to doing our part for the planet. We stand for conscious consumption and are committed to taking steps forward to create a better world.  

Our journey from the start has had sustainability at heart. We have carefully selected materials that are renewable and worked closely with our manufacturer to ensure they are sustainably sourced. We receive majority of our products packaged plastic free, where unavoidable plastics are shipped we recycle this correctly.

When we ship our goods to customers, we use carbon neutral services, compostable mailers and recyclable materials. We encourage our customers to reuse, recycle and compost any materials that are a by product of their order. We also enable customer collection in the Southwest of Western Australia.

We give back with every sale through our partnership with i=Change.  With our customers support, we empower some amazing initiatives and foundations who are working to make our world a better place for now, and for tomorrow. 

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We use 100% Natural Rubber in the base of each of our yoga mats. While, Natural Rubber comes from the rubber tree, it does not need to be cut down to be a useable material. A process called tapping is used, where the milky white liquid latex is collected by hand from the trunk of the tree. This process does not harm the tree, which continues to benefit the environment. The natural rubber used in APANA mats is sustainably sourced from South East Asian plantations.

Natural Rubber gives APANA yoga mats a sturdy no slip base and provides excellent cushioning and support for your knees and hips. 

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Cork is one of the most eco-friendly resources on the planet, which is why it was a no brainer for us, when we chose to use cork in our products. Not only is it durable, long lasting and non porous material, cork is naturally anti-microbial, anti-fungal, hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

At APANA, we use premium natural cork that is sustainably harvested from certified forests in Portugal. The best part about using cork as a material, is that no trees are cut down in the process.

Our cork is 100% renewable. Cork is harvested from the bark of the Quercus suber (Cork Tree) when removed, the bark regenerates itself and in doing so absorbs CO2 and the tree continues to grow and thrive. 

Additionally, cork is biodegradable and wont release any toxins into the earth as it breaks down. Designed in Australia with the conscious yogi in mind, our cork products are soft, smooth and earthy to touch providing a gentle grounding firmness and non-slip surface ticking all the boxes of an eco-friendly material.

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One of the reasons we chose to use hemp  in our flagship yoga mat is the low impact the production and manufacturing cycle has on the environment. Additionally, hemp has naturally occurring properties that kill bacteria and anti-mould qualities. 

Hemp has a very short growth cycle, of 80 days, making it a very sustainable material; producing up to double the amount of fibre per acre than other fibres.  During the growing process, little to no pesticides or herbicides are needed and it requires less than 25% the amount of water per kg to harvest than cotton. 

Our hemp yoga mat, fuses hemp fibres with 100% natural rubber to produce the ultimate plant based product.

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