Cork Massage Ball


– 6.5cm diameter
– 60 grams
– 100% Natural Cork
– Naturally anti-microbial and anti-fungal
– Hypoallergenic and Non-toxic
– Durable and low maintenance

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The APANA Cork Massage Ball is an environmentally friendly alternative to a spikey massage ball. Small, powerful and versatile, this tool allows for accurate targeting of pressure points for myofascial release. It’s lightweight and small size make it ideal travelling, taking taking to the gym or workplace. One of our favourite uses of our Cork Massage Ball is rolling it under the arches of the feet! You can use our Cork Massage Ball to release the hips, glutes, chest, back and many more by gently rolling over the ball and slowly increasing pressure as needed.

All APANA cork products are made from premium natural cork, sustainably harvested from certified forests in Portugal. Our cork is 100% renewable, all removed bark grows back after harvesting and no trees are cut down during process. Cork completely biodegrades and is easily recycled without producing any toxic residues making it the ultimate Eco-friendly material.

Designed in Australia with the conscious yogi in mind, our cork products are soft, smooth and earthy to touch providing a gentle grounding firmness and non-slip surface.

Care Instructions:

Cork is naturally antimicrobial, durable and low maintenance. With the right care, our Cork Massage Ball is designed to last a lifetime. We recommend wiping down the cork surface with a damp cloth, allowing to dry completely before storing out of direct sunlight. Avoid using harmful chemicals or submerging in water.


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