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Conscious consumption

Welcome to APANA. We are an eco-friendly yoga mat and mobility accessories brand; made from the earth, for the earth.

Designed in the glorious Southwest of WA by yoga teacher and artist Sarah Malone, our products look great, feel great and help keep the conscious yogi grounded.

It’s taken us years to bring this vision to life. Finding the best partners that align with our values, we have been able to make an amazing eco-friendly¬† yoga mat and mobility accessories brand.

All products are made with premium, sustainable and natural materials; free of nasty toxins, PVC, plasticisers, glues and binding agents and are biodegradable. We wanted every element of APANA to be as sustainable, environmentally friendly and ethical as possible. So all of our packaging is compostable, recycled and reusable.

we value


We are passionate about celebrating and protecting our beautiful earth and oceans. Conscious consumption and sustainability have been at the core of our journey and have shaped our values, products and practices.

We are committed to taking steps forward to create a better world so we have chosen to partner with i=Change giving us the opportunity to empower some amazing initiatives and foundations.

With every APANA purchase, $1 will be donated to one of three NGO’s we have chosen focused on environmental regeneration, helping restore, protect and put into practice positive environmental impact.

we value


We are proud of our logo. It was designed to encompass the meaning behind APANA and symbolise our connection to nature. Our logo is inspired by and represents the symbols of earth and water coming together.

The word ‘Apana’ refers to the downward flow and grounding energy in the body. Our ‘Apana’ energy promotes the elimination of waste and toxins.

For so many reasons, this felt like the perfect name for our eco-friendly, sustainable yoga mats and mobility accessories brand designed to keep conscious yogis grounded.

Our products are designed to last, and we hope your APANA purchase will help you take one step forward, for yourself and for our world.

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